Calling all book lovers and advocates for children’s literacy!

It’s time to rally together for a cause that’s close to our hearts. From March 1st to 31st, Usborne Books at Home Canada is offering a spectacular event that promises to make a difference and share the magic of Usborne across the country.

For the Love of Literacy:

Organized by our passionate Consultants across Canada, this Book Drive is more than just collecting books; it’s about nurturing a love for reading in children and giving back to charities in our local communities. Consultants work tirelessly, gathering orders from their customers, with each purchase resulting in Usborne Books finding their way into the hands of charities dedicated to supporting children and families.

A mission that matters:

Imagine the wonder in a child’s eyes as they dive into a new story, the excitement of exploring new worlds between the pages of a book. Sadly, not every child has easy access to books at home. By participating in this book drive, we’re not just donating books; we’re opening doors to endless possibilities, sparking imaginations, and laying the foundation for a brighter future!


How can you get involved?

It’s simple! Reach out to your Consultant or visit their website to place your order through a Book Drive during the month of March.

Every book you purchase will directly contribute to enriching the lives of children in need.

Spread the word, share the love, and let’s make a difference together!


Why should you join the cause?

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or simply someone who believes in the power of literacy, this Book Drive offers a chance to be part of something truly special.  Let’s ignite a passion for reading, inspire young minds, and make a lasting impact on the lives of children and families in our communities. Together, we can write a story of hope, opportunity, and endless possibilities through the magic of literacy.


Join us in spreading a love of literacy and making a difference that will last a lifetime.
Together, let’s turn the page to a brighter tomorrow! 🌟📖

To be a part of this mission that matters, reach out to your Consultant today!

Don’t have a Consultant yet? No problem!
Head on over to our CONTACT US page and we’ll get you connected.


Please contact your Consultant for all Book Drive terms & conditions.