Answering young children’s questions about racism is hard. This book gives both children and adults the language and sensitivity they need to talk about the topic. It gently explains what racism is, how it happens, why it is NEVER acceptable and what each and every one of us can do to eradicate it.


No, it shouldn’t.  Many of our differences are only skin deep.
It’s what’s on the inside and how we treat others that’s important!



No, they don’t.
There are lots of reasons why children might look different.

“I look like Grandpa!”  “I look more like Mum!”
“I’m adopted, so I don’t have the same genes as my Dad.”


Yes and no.  We’re all humans so we have lots in common.
But each one of us is UNIQUE!

There’s no one in the world who’s quite like you!
Even identical twins have a few differences.



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