Kids across Canada are excitedly counting down the days until March Break.
They are SO ready for a whole week off school, but are YOU prepared?!

Whether you’re trying to keep your kids busy while you work from home, or they’ve all come down with a case of the I’m Booooooooooreds, Usborne has you covered!

Make an adorable egg carton bumble bee with Poppy & Sam, or get out your black and red pens to fill an entire page with silly doodles! There’s something to keep any kid, at any age, occupied for hours on end! What more could a parent (especially one still trying to work from home all day) ask for?!

For the Little Crafters!

From bird feeders and bug hotels to paper crafts and pictures, there are all kinds of fun things for little children to make and do with Poppy & Sam!

There is a little yellow duck to find on every page!

MAKE A BEE …from an egg carton!


Here’s everything you need:
  • A cardboard egg carton
  • Scissors
  • Black & yellow paint
  • A piece of paper
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • String

Step 1: Tear one cup off of the egg carton.

Step 2: Trim the edges – Ask a grown-up for help using scissors!

Step 3: Cut from the edge to the middle (see the photo below).

Step 4: Paint it yellow and leave it to dry.  – Bee patient, little one!

Step 5: When the yellow is dry, paint black stripes – Time to bee patient again as it dries!

Step 6: Draw around your bee on a piece of paper.

Step 7: Cut it out – Don’t forget to ask a grown-up for help!

Step 8: Cut it in half to make your bee some wings!

Step 9: Stick your bee’s wings to it’s body using glue.

Step 10: Use your marker (or a pencil, or crayon!) to draw eyes and a mouth.

Step 11: Tie a knot in the end of a piece of string and place the string into the cut, so that the knot is inside the bee.


TADAAA!  You’ve made your very own bumble bee!

Isn’t it ADORABLE?!
Can you make a family of bees with the rest of the egg carton?  Don’t forget to make one of them the Queen Bee!

Try using different types of paper, or colour in your blank piece of paper, to make different, more colourful wings!

There are so many fun things to make and do with Poppy & Sam!

Choose something for each day of March Break and see how many cool things you can create!



Let your creativity SOAR!


Inside this amazingly fantastic activity book, you’ll find masses of things to do with your crayons, pencils, and markers.

Go grab your pencil case and let’s have some fun with Usborne’s Drawing, Doodling & Colouring Activity Book!

How to use this book:

  • On the different pages, you’ll find instructions for what do to, but you can also follow your own ideas. Go crazy! Have fun with it!
  • You could fill in some of the pictures, or add stripes, spots, or patterns.
  • Use markers, pencil crayons, crayons, or combine all three!
  • If you draw on top of a shape with a pen, wait a few seconds for the ink to dry, so that it doesn’t smudge.

It’s as simple as that! 

This is the perfect book for bad weather days, tech-free time, or as a way to just relax and enjoy some quiet time by yourself.

If you’d rather not play alone, then invite a sibling or friend to draw along with you!  Take a look at the page below, with all the faces on it. You can start on one side and your friend can start on the other.  See how many different faces you can draw in 30 seconds!  Or take turns drawing faces to see who can make the silliest one!  Most laughs wins!

Maybe these activities are just the inspiration you need to write & draw a March Break comic book?
Or maybe it will inspire you to take up painting, or try your hand at making a board game?

The creative possibilities are endless!

There is no wrong way to draw, doodle & colour!

Set your imagination free and inspire your friends and family to do the same! You never know which little doodle might one day become your GREATEST MASTERPIECE!


You can find both of these titles (along with so many more fun, creative activity books!) on your Usborne Consultant’s website.

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Keep an eye on our blog as we continue our March Break Countdown tomorrow with…SPACE!!