Have your children sent off their letters to Santa Claus yet?
If it’s on your To-Do List for this weekend, why not use one of our handy letter templates! There are 3 to choose from depending on the age of your child, or how much they want to write.

Here are some tips to writing a fantastic letter that’s sure to stand out on Santa’s desk!

  • Start your letter with “Dear Santa/Santa Claus/St. Nick/Kris Kringle – Whatever you & your family call him!
  • Let Santa know that you’ve been a good kiddo this year!  He knows this, of course, but you could give him a couple examples of how you’ve spread love & kindness this past year.
  • Remember, Santa has to deliver presents to children all across the WHOLE WORLD, so you can help him travel light by only asking him for a couple of toys.  If its hard to narrow down your choices, ask your Mom or Dad for help!
  • Always use your manners!  Say “Please” and “Thank you”, and use kind words.
  • End your letter with a nice farewell or warm wishes, and don’t forget your name!
  • Make sure you write your return address in the top left corner of your envelope. That way Santa can write you back!

Santa letter BONUS POINTS!

  • A little Elf told us that Santa loves to hear jokes!  Include your best Christmas joke to make Santa grab his belly and laugh “HO! HO! HO!!”
  • Draw a picture!  Santa loves your drawings, and we hear that he keeps them ALL pinned up on the walls of his office.  Those have to be some seriously magic walls, because you are all AMAZING artists!
  • Include a letter to Mrs. Claus!  She likes getting mail too!  Tell her about your favourite Christmas treats…she’s the BEST baker!

OH! Of course you will need Santa’s address!  You can write to him at:

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

Click the photos below to download the letter template you’d like to use!  Save it to your computer, print it off, and start writing your letter to Santa!

We hope you have the best Christmas EVER!