If you’re ready to kick-start 2024 by filling your bookshelves with entertaining, educational, award-winning children’s books then you’ve come to the right place.

Our January Hosts can choose to be rewarded

Stocking the shelves of your home library just got easier 😎

Host your Book Bash between January 1st – 15th, and you’ll bring home 2X the FREE books in your Host Rewards!

On the other hand, choose to Host your event between January 16th – 31st, and you’ll get 4X the HALF PRICE books in your Host Rewards!

Those books can add up quickly too!  Check it out:

You really can’t go wrong…With either option you’ll be swimming in new books for your little readers!  Think like, Scrooge McDuck, but with kids books instead of coins. 🤩📚📚📚📚📚📚

Side effects of hosting a party with Usborne may include:
– feelings of excitement, awe, and heightened curiosity
– a sense of child-like wonder
– having to make more room on your shelves for the amount of discount books you’ll get!
Book Doctor’s side note: Spending time with friends & family at an Usborne party may result in fun-had-by-all, fits of laughter, and overuse of the phrase “Wow! My kid would LOVE this!”.
If you are pregnant or may become pregnant then ask your Consultant if an Usborne party is right for you….of course they’ll say “YES!”  Begin making your list of all the books you want right away!


Reach out to your Consultant today and get your Book Bash penciled in!
Don’t have a Consultant yet? No problem!
Head on over to the CONTACT US page and we’ll get you connected.



Host Reward Specials – Important Details:
– DOUBLE HOST REWARDS only apply to party orders started and submitted between January 1st – January 15th, 2024.
– QUADRUPLE HOST REWARDS only apply to party orders started and submitted between January 16th – January 31st, 2024.
– Orders submitted before or after these dates automatically switch Host Reward programs cannot be adjusted.
– These Host Reward specials apply for party totals of $300 or more. Regular Host Rewards apply for party totals of $200-$299.
– All Host Rewards are based on the retail value of the party, excluding Customer Specials, discounted items, Host Rewards, taxes and shipping.