leaders & Top consultants

Here at Usborne Books at Home we continuously celebrate and grow together.
We are excited to launch this new company-wide directive featuring some of our top Consultants & Leaders!  Each month we will be sharing a short training video and PDF, specially curated with YOUR success & growth in mind.

Learning is a life-long process that never stops.  Whether you are a brand new or seasoned Consultant, these segments will provide fresh & insightful information to ignite your passion for your business!

With the right solutions and support, together we can all succeed!


Plans for a successful January (and for the new year in general) begin NOW. Join Executive Team Leader, Bree Ingrassia, as she walks you through 4 simple, but effective ways to work your business throughout December, so that you are ready to ROCK come January!

Find a link at the end of the training PDF for a printable Monthly and Weekly Planner to help keep you organized and motivated all year long!


As the company’s TOP SELLER of Book Club subscriptions in summer 2022, Senior Team Leader, Michelle Cooke is here to share her insight and wisdom on how she earned that top spot! Learn how to set yourself up for success with Books Clubs, starting from the day they are announced!

Use the Worksheet at the end of the training PDF to make a plan, and set your own Book Club goals.


With 27 years of experience selling Usborne Books, Carol Cooper shares some of the most frequent questions she has encountered, and how important it is that we all know the answers to them.

Follow along and be inspired, as Carol discusses the value and significance of children owning physical books!


Learn how recruiting starts with YOU!
Reflect on these foundational questions and help improve your narrative and build your team!  Join Rachel Clarke, the Top Recruiter in 2021, as she shares how she continues to successfully grow her business with integrity & joy!

Includes worksheets at the end of the PDF to help you reflect & set your own recruiting goals!


Successful parties start with YOU & your Host!
With over 17 YEARS of book party experience, Senior Team Leader (& UBAH Party Queen!) Cindy Armstrong has some simple, yet extremely effective tips on how to set your parties up for success from the get-go!

Includes a copy of your very own Host Coaching Checklist!

JULY 2022

Join Senior Executive Team Leader, Jen Bergmann as she gives you her top tips to help you get the most out of your first 12 weeks with Usborne, setting you up for continuous success!

JUNE 2022

Join Senior Executive Team Leader, Val Fafard as she shows off her 5 Top Tips to help beat the “Summer Slide” in your UBAH business, and gets your creativity flowing for success all year round!

MAY 2022

Join Executive Team Leader, Rebekah Zigby as she shows you 4 simple ways to integrate Usborne into your every day life, saving you time and gaining you important Usborne knowledge along the way!

Have the PDF open as your watch the video, and write down your own notes & goals!

APRIL 2022

Join Senior Team Leader, Karmin Marks, as she shows you the 3 steps to maximizing your customer interactions, which in turn will maximize your sales, & grow your business!

MARCH 2022

Join Usborne’s newest Director, Amie McGregor, as she answers the “Why?” and “How?” of setting & achieving obtainable goals within your UBAH business (& life in general).

Includes a copy of your very own Goal Breakdown Worksheet!


Join Executive Team Leader, Rachel Clarke, as she leads you through some simple steps to get new recruits set up for success.  Signing new recruits is only part of the process…the real magic happens when you help them set goals and make a plan on how to achieve them!