JAN 31st – Weekly Update
Start Your Year with a BANG – Prize Winners!, FINAL CHANCE for 4x Half Price Rewards, February Preview: Wildcards, Must Reads, and Customer Specials, and a Consultant Spotlight!

JAN 26th – Weekend Update
Special FEATURE FRIDAY of New Titles!, Last Chance for January Wildcards, New “from” address for Email Updates, Commission Reminder, and a Stock Update.

JAN 25th – Are you ready to earn your ticket to paradise?! 🏝️ 😎 🏴‍☠️
In 2025 UBAH Canada is taking flight to…..

JAN 24th – Weekly Update
Quadruple Host Half Price Reminder, Updated Automated Emails within PPS!, February Customer Specials Preview List, and a Consultant Spotlight!

JAN 19th – Weekend Update
Welcome to all New Consultants! Boxset Collection Flyers & Parent’s Guide, and a Stock Update.

JAN 17th – Weekly Update
Revised 2023 Awards Folio, Quadruple Host Half Price Books are here!, Kit Sale Update, and a Consultant Spotlight that sincerely warmed our hearts 🥰

JAN 17th – December 2023 Leader’s Accolades 👑
Join us in congratulating our top Consultants & Leaders for the month of December!

JAN 15th – An Important Update about New Title Tuesday

Regarding 2023 and 2024 new titles!

JAN 15th – Exciting Announcements from our 2024 Convention!
A few amazing things for you to check out…like our 2023 Award Winners, our new digital catalogue, and a teaser for our 2025 incentive trip!

JAN 15th – Your Next Chapter Begins at Home 🏠❤️📚
4 Day KIT SALE begins tomorrow!
Please read for all details.

JAN 9th – Weekly Update
One week left for Double Host Rewards!
Reminders about Commission, VBS Payments, & Product Credits.

JAN 5th – Weekend Update
Reminder about the Email List and Site Password Update! NEW “Must Reads” category in your shop, Best Selling titles for December AND for 2023, and a Stock Update.

JAN 3rd – Weekly Update
January Wildcards, and some very important reminders: TRIPLE Trip Points!, Website & Email Updates, and Start the Year with a BANG!