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The Medieval Messenger

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Newspaper histories

A book that introduces you to the era that gave us the Crusades, the Black Death and those silly pointy shoes that look really uncomfortable. 'I'm not dead' insists corpse, King Carnage Dies In Tent, Planet Of The Sheep - these are just some of the stories you'll find in The Medieval Messenger. It's a fresh and lively look at history, cunningly disguised as a tabloid newspaper. AND there's features galore! What's new at the Spanish Inquisition? What's on the monastery menu? How do you support your favourite knight at a jousting tournament? There's bags o' fun in your gallop-away Messenger.

Type of coverPaperback (English Heritage Edition)
Length in Pages32 pages
Physical size of the book276 x 216mm
Author or Editor of this bookFergus Fleming
SeriesNewspaper histories

[ 9780746068984 ]

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